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  • Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

    At Green Power Chemical, we proudly manufacture and distribute eco-friendly industrial cleaning products. Conventional chemical cleaners have harmful effects on the environment, indoor air quality, and our own bodies! It is essential to find ways to better protect our health and that of our... Read More
  • Parts Washers

    At Green Power Chemical we take pride in our ever-growing collection of parts washers. We carry both ultrasonic/aqueous parts washers and spray tanks from brands such as Better Engineering, CUDA, JRI/Jenfab, Landa, and TASC-Sonics, and more! These aqueous/ultrasonic parts washers are perfect for... Read More
  • CUDA Parts Washers

    We carry front-load and top-load CUDA parts washers. These parts washers are aqueous and specifically designed for industrial cleaning applications. Utilizing pressurized water jets and powdered detergents is far more economical than other methods of parts washing. Relying on a CUDA aqueous... Read More