Thermcraft, Inc. has been awarded a United States Patent for their unique LQF-technology.

Press Release from Thermcraft, Inc.

The Liquid Quench Fluidization (LQF) process was engineered and developed by Thermcraft , Inc as a green technology .   The LQF technology is a liquid quench technology used in the heat treatments of medium and high carbon wire products.  The LQF is a Lead-free, environmentally friendly process replacing molten lead, salt or fluidization media. The LQF process is precisely adjustable for each steel grade TT-curve and will result in a higher concentration of the desirable pearlitic structure.

Thermcraft has designed and built successful pilot scale production units and full-scale production units will be built for the different product applications in the wire industry .

United States Patent #US8506878B2, International Patents Pending

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