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  • Cryogenic Processing

    Parts are cooled to very cold temperatures resulting in low distortion tendency, and often significantly stronger and tougher properties. Metcor can cryogenically treat parts up to 12 feet long in microprocessor controlled equipment down to -300°F with a controlled uniformity of ±10°F. Read More
  • Vacuum Heat Treating

    Vacuum heat treating shows an advantage over conventional processes as one obtains a bright surface free of defects. The vacuum furnaces at metcor are state of the art computer controlled & automated (up to 2 bar). The equipment can accomodate load sizes up to 30"w x 48"d x 30"h. Metcor offers... Read More
  • Aluminum

    Wrought and cast aluminium alloys can be strengthened by solution treating and aging to a variety of different tempers. Metcor offers solution annealing and aging, stress relieving for pieces up to 12 feet long with programmable quench delays from 7 seconds to 15 seconds in water. Metcor can... Read More
  • Induction

    Induction hardening is a form of heat treatment that selectively hardens a metal part or component. Metcor's commercial and aerospace certified induction hardening equipment with frequencies from 3 to 10 khz is capable of doing shaft hardening to a depth of 0.150" for shafts up to 8"ø and 42"... Read More
  • Salt Bath Nitriding (SBN)

    SBN is a multi step process that provides a very uniform consistent nitride layer on your components. The ovens at metcor can handle parts up to 45" in diameter and 52" long with different finishes available. Sbn qpq is a thermo-chemical processes intended for the case hardening of iron based... Read More
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