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Products in the Heat Treating Society Online Buyer's Guide

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  • ICBP® Duo By ECM USA, Inc.

    ICBP® Duo TH Oil Quenching and ICBP® Duo TG Gas Quenching comprises 2 independent chambers separated by a vacuum-tight door. Both solutions are compatible with AMS 2750 E and suitable for the treatment of aeronautics parts. The quenching cell can be oil (hot or cold) or gas (maximum pressure of... Read More
  • ICBP® Flex By ECM USA, Inc.

    Our Flex is the most innovative and popular solution of ECM’s Low Pressure Carburizing furnace range. The modular and compact design of the ICBP® Flex meets the highest demands in terms of productivity and part quality. The ICBP® Flex can receive oil quenching cells (hot or cold), simple gas or... Read More
  • ICBP® Jumbo By ECM USA, Inc.

    ICBP® Jumbo is the biggest design solution of our Low Pressure Carburizing furnace range. It maintains all the compact and modular qualities of the ICBP® Flex however, design goes further in terms of volume and number of parts treated in a low pressure carburizing installation. Thanks to this... Read More
  • ICBP® Mono By ECM USA, Inc.

    ICBP® Mono vacuum furnaces consist of one heating cell using our patented INFRACARB® process for low pressure carburizing and low pressure carbonitriding. Other processes include: quenching, neutral hardening, vacuum annealing, brazing and sintering. The ICBP® Mono allows smaller production... Read More
  • ICBP® Nano By ECM USA, Inc.

    ICBP® Nano is the latest product in the range of Low Pressure Carburizing and carbonitriding furnaces, which uses technologies already proven on over 200 installations and 1000 ICBP® heating cells through out the world. The ICBP® Nano composes one module with 3 stacked up heating cells (which... Read More
  • Ignite™ Program - Process Development Support By Harper International

    Harper's Ignite™ Program enables companies in the development of advanced materials, from the lab to full commercialization, helping make their innovations a reality. Utilizing our depth and breadth of experience in thermal processing, we partner with our customer to ensure success as they scale... Read More
  • Image Analysis By Metlab Corporation

    Metlab offers a wide range of image analysis software and cameras. Read More
  • Incinerator By Wisconsin Oven Corporation

    Wisconsin Oven Corporation designs and builds thermal incinerators for oxidizing the fumes from the exhaust streams of ovens. Most often, the contaminants are smoke, paint fumes, or solvents. We manufacture fume incinerators, but we do not manufacture incinerators for processing solid... Read More
  • Incline Conveyors By Furnace Fixers Inc

    Having a problem getting your parts from the exit of a continuous oven into a large shipping container? Furnace Fixers, Inc. has the solution! 12" Incline Specifications • 12" belt width • 72" long bed • 1/15 HP DC gear drive • Casters • Emergency Stop • Rheostat speed control • Plugs directly... Read More
  • Induction By Metcor Inc

    Induction hardening is a form of heat treatment that selectively hardens a metal part or component. Metcor's commercial and aerospace certified induction hardening equipment with frequencies from 3 to 10 khz is capable of doing shaft hardening to a depth of 0.150" for shafts up to 8"ø and 42"... Read More
  • Induction Annealing (Bright, Dark, Seam) By SMS Elotherm

    Seam-annealing Seam-annealing systems built by SMS Elotherm, for long products and tube diameters from 3 to 24 inches, provide perfect seam annealing thanks to optimally controlled power distribution matched to the tube speed. Speeds adjusted to suit the welding process, optimal frequency... Read More
  • Induction Brazing Equipment By Electroheat Technologies LLC

    Electroheat technologies manufactures complete induction brazing systems for aluminum brazing, steel brazing and all other induction brazing needs. Read More
  • Induction Brazing Of Aluminum By Inductronix

    The key advantages of using induction heating over flame torches: * No open flames, no more need for using Oxy Acetylene Torches. Induction provides clean flameless brazing. * Localized heating: Precise “useful” heat can be focused only to the required joints to be brazed. * Consistency &... Read More
  • Induction Coil By Electroheat Technologies LLC

    Electroheat Technologies designs and manufactures inductors and induction coils for induction heat treating as well as repair of damaged coils. Read More
  • Induction Coils By Pillar Induction

    Pillar utilizes many innovative coil designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve proper heating of your product. Trust your application to our experts who will provide the most efficient and productive solutions. Coils are designed by our team of engineers and are manufactured in-house, to... Read More
  • Induction Coils By Power Parts International

    Power Parts designs coils for each customer’s specific needs in order to meet their application demands and requirements. We strive to be a leader in induction coil technology and help you reach maximum production potential. Our engineers can also redesign coils, saving you time and money.... Read More
  • Induction Coils And Your Induction Application By Inductronix

    At Inductronix, we know the right induction coil is vital to your induction heating application. We can build coils to your specifications or our Applications Engineers can work with you to determine the best coil design for your application. Read More
  • Induction Coils by eldec By eldec LLC

    Custom manufactured inductors for brazing, die hardening, annealing and shrink fitting applications For more than 20 years, eldec LLC has custom manufactured induction heating coils in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Our technicians have a thorough understanding of induction heating applications,... Read More
  • Induction hardening By SMS Elotherm

    Elotherm provides a comprehensive line of scanning and single-shot induction hardening and induction tempering machines and process solutions for a variety of applications, for example: - automotive powertrain components - agricultural machinery - construction, mining, earth-moving... Read More
  • Induction Hardening Machine By Electroheat Technologies LLC

    Electroheat Technologies manufactures complete induction hardening systems, gear hardening, shaft hardening. Read More
  • Induction Heat Treating Equipment By Power Parts International

    Tube & Pipe - Power Parts specializes in the induction heating equipment of pipe and tube. We produce the equipment to treat everything from 2-3/8 ” tubing up to 9-5/8″ casing. Induction heating is the most energy efficient and controllable method for heat treating pipe and tube. With our... Read More
  • Induction Heaters By Inductronix

    Our Induction Heaters Feature: * Automatic load impedance matching as the workpiece properties change. * Easy remote operation, programming, and management of up to two independent heat stations. * Internal memory and removable SD card capable of storing up to 100 User work programs. * The... Read More
  • Induction Heating and Heat Treating Systems By Inductotherm Group

    Many metals require heating and/or heat treating to achieve their optimum physical properties. Heating also is used as part of other metal forming processes. Inductotherm Group companies design, build and repair heating and heat treating equipment for a diverse range of industries covering an... Read More
  • Induction Heating Coils & Coil Repair/Maintenance By SMS Elotherm

    Elotherm offers a full line of induction heating coils and related services such as: - coil design and optimization - coil rebuilds and repairs - on-site consulting With coil shops in the USA, Germany, China, and France, Elotherm offers support to induction systems just about everywhere. Read More

    MAGNETOTHERM has a well-established history of designing INDUCTION HEATING equipment and best of service provider for all INDUCTION BASED EQUIPMENT that is used for heat treated parts for various assemblies like bearings, brakes, drives, gears, joints shafts, and engine push rods and many more... Read More
  • Induction Heating Power Supply By Electroheat Technologies LLC

    Electroheat Technologies manufactures power supplies for induction heat treating equipment. Read More
  • Induction Melting and Refining Systems By Inductotherm Group

    For most metals, melting is the first step in producing a useful product. Four Inductotherm Group companies are leading manufacturers of melt shop and automatic pouring systems for a full range of ferrous, non-ferrous, precious and reactive metals. Read More
  • Induction Melting Furnaces By ElectroHeat Induction

    At Electroheat Induction, we provide quality equipment for a variety of industries, customize equipment to suit your unique needs. Our induction melting furnaces feature individual power controls and the latest IGBT technology.... Read More
  • Induction Pipe and Tube Production By Inductotherm Group

    The application of heat is often key to many manufacturing processes, such as welding, cutting, bending, shaping, fitting and sealing, to name just a few. Inductotherm Group companies build equipment to perform a variety of thermal processing functions. Read More
  • Induction Power Supply By Radyne Corporation

    The VersaPower®-Xtreme™ is a highly versatile tabletop induction power supply suitable for a wide range of metal heating applications including hardening, tempering, annealing, post and pre heating, brazing, wire processing and more. Offering never before seen flexibility via on-unit or remote... Read More
  • Induction Tube welding By SMS Elotherm

    Elotherm offers a comprehensive line of induction welding equipment for tube manufacturing. Elotherm also provides seam annealers, bright annealers, conventional annealers, quench and temper lines, coating, bending, and more - all supported with 24/7/365 service. Read More
  • Induction Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Equipment By Inductotherm Group

    The creation and casting of superalloys and many other advanced and reactive metals require sophisticated vacuum or controlled atmosphere melting and remelting systems. Three Inductotherm Group companies are world leaders in the manufacture of these technologically advanced systems and related... Read More
  • Inductive heating technology for hot forming By SMS Elotherm

    Elotherm provides a comprehensive line of induction heating equipment for all types of hot forming operations such as FORGING and BENDING. Examples include: - compact, small billet heaters, e.g. 500 kW - fully automated high-volume lines with several Mega-Watts of power - discrete billets or... Read More
  • Inductors for Hardening & Related Repair/Maintenance By SMS Elotherm

    Elotherm provide standard and also highly-engineered inductors for all types of induction hardening applications. Products and services include: - inductor/spray heads for hardening powertrain components - inductor/spray heads for gear tooth hardening - inductor/spray heads for agricultural,... Read More
  • Industrial & Consumer Product Testing By EAG Laboratories

    We provide customized product testing for individual components as well as finished manufactured products. Our non-routine product testing investigations begin with issues such as: • Competitive product analysis • Product claims for advertising or marketing • Performance comparisons •... Read More
  • Industrial Conveyor Belts By National Element Inc.

    Steel construction belts from National Element are especially adaptable to conveying heavy, rough or sharp material. An assembled belt consists of hinged links, side wings, tubes, thru pins and dual strands of roller chain. The hinged links are assembled in horizontal rows by passing the tube... Read More
  • Industrial Conveyors By National Element Inc.

    National Element Inc. designs and builds their conveyors to provide long-lasting and durable service under the most rigorous operating conditions. All conveyors are built to specification and engineered to meet all needs and space requirements. NEI specializes in both new units and modifications... Read More
  • Industrial Furnaces By Wellman Furnaces

    Wellman Furnaces offers it customers years of experience in the custom engineering of fuel fired and electrically heated furnaces systems. Wellman utilizes "Concept to Completion" expertise to meet your heat processing requirements. Our team begins by carefully analyzing our application. From... Read More
  • Industrial Ovens By INFRATROL Manufacturing Corp

    Batch and Conveyor Ovens up to 1,250 Deg F. Read More
  • Industrial Ribbon Heating Elements By National Element Inc.

    Achieve the most heat per square inch with ribbon elements. Typical ribbon elements consist of two rows and suspend in the refractory tile in the ceiling, walls and floors of small industrial high temperature furnaces. We stock many configurations for quick delivery. National Element Inc’s.... Read More
  • Industrial, Specialty & Medical Gases By Airgas, an Air Liquide company

    Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is a leading U.S. supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, as well as hardgoods and related products; one of the largest U.S. suppliers of safety products; and a leading U.S. supplier of ammonia products and process chemicals. Dedicated to improving... Read More
  • Inert Gas furnace By Pyradia

    Pyradia has developed highly reliable and cost-effective inert gas oven. These ovens incorporate high grade insulation, finest control systems and heavy duty retort. Read More
  • Ink Rub Testers By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Ink Rub Tester is designed to determine the quality of adhesion, and scuff resistance of ink to paper surfaces, plastic and aluminium film. The motorised unit is simple to operate by entering the number of rubs in the pre-set counter and starting the unit. It will rub the sample until the... Read More
  • Insulating Fire Bricks (IFB) By Morgan Advanced Materials

    IFB holds a unique position within our portfolio of high temperature insulation products, in that it offers a unique combination of insulating properties with load bearing ability. IFBs are particularly suited to applications above 1000°C, where their thermal conductivity is as low as fibre... Read More
  • Invoil 702, 704, 705, 940 By Inland Vacuum Industries, Inc.

    Why pay for a high priced brand name label? Inland Vacuum can offer the same level of purity and performance silicone fluid for a fraction of the cost. The characteristics of the Inland Vacuum Silicone product line (Invoil 702, 704, 705, and 940) are proven to be very durable and dependable.... Read More