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Products in the Heat Treating Society Online Buyer's Guide

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  • Lab Furnace By Abbott Furnace Company

    Abbott Furnace manufactures custom-designed lab furnaces. Abbott Furnace manufactures two types of lab furnaces; a small continuous belt lab furnace and manual pusher furnace. Standard Model for Both Pusher and Belt Furnaces One is a small, two or three inch wide continuous belt furnace and... Read More
  • Laboratory Furnaces By National Element Inc.

    Electrical furnaces convert electricity to heat safely, cleanly and cost effectively. The types of labs that use electric furnaces range from dental labs to university labs to quality control labs. Accordingly, the needs of each laboratory can be very different. Important specifications to... Read More
  • Laminated Products By G-M-I, Inc.

    Laminated Products consists of roll to roll or roll to sheet water based adhesive laminates supplied in their finished roll or sheet state or die cut into various shapes and sizes for customer specific applications. Read More
  • Laser Booster By Metallurgical High Vacuum

    ANNOUNCING AN AFFORDABLE EXCHANGE PROGRAM FOR YOUR LEYBOLD WSLF1001 LASER BOOSTER / BLOWER! Minimize your down time! Before removing your unit from service, receive a laser booster that has been completely remanufactured by factory-trained technicians, with a 20-hour hot test, helium leak... Read More
  • Laser technologies By SMS Elotherm

    Elotherm provides high volume laser processing centers to dramatically improve the lubricity and wear resistance of cylinders walls. BENEFITS: - better tribology, therefore better fuel economy - reduced cylinder wall wear - increased power density (horsepower/cubic inch) Read More
  • Liquid Flow Meters By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

    When you need fast, accurate measurement of liquid flow rates and related parameters, choose a Sierra Instruments liquid flow meter or switch. Available for semiconductor, environmental, biotech, petrochemical, energy, aerospace and many other industries, our sensor and controller technology... Read More
  • Liquid Nitriding By Heatbath/Park Metallurgical

    Heatbath/Park Metallurgical supplies liquid nitriding salt for producing very hard and wear resistant surfaces on a wide variety of steels and cast irons. Operation at relatively low temperatures permits casing of previously hardened work with little or no loss of core hardness and minimal... Read More
  • Litigation Support By EAG Laboratories

    When challenges involve litigation, our scientists can help. With technical experts in many disciplines and industries, we provide the expertise necessary to support legal challenges. Ph.D. scientists design independent investigations, supervise laboratory analyses and write comprehensive... Read More
  • Loading & Bulk Handling Equipment By Dura-Pack

    The Furnace Belt Loading System is designed to evenly and accurately load parts onto a Continuous Belt Furnace System. The control system continuously monitors loading conditions and adjusts the feeders to maintain a 99% or better loading accuracy. Using an industrial PC with 12.1" touch-screen,... Read More
  • Low Temperture Insulation Blankets By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    Our low temperature blankets are our most versatile product, working with temperature ranges up 500 degrees. Cold Face (Outside Fabric) Silicone This silicone layer may be used as the outer cold fece with raw insulation on the inside or another layer of silicone added to make the hot... Read More
  • Lucifer Heat Treat Oven By Lucifer Furnaces, Inc.

    Recirculating industrial ovens for tempering, drawing, annealing and preheating steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics in air or atmosphere. Available at operating temperatures of 1200°F to 1800°F. All models are equipped with an alloy fan assembly and stainless steel liner providing a horizontal... Read More
  • Lucifer Red Devil Single Chamber Furnace By Lucifer Furnaces, Inc.

    Low Cost, top quality single chamber box furnaces rated for 2200°F operation to harden, draw & anneal. Designed for the occasional heat treater with small loads who wants to bring their heat treating in-house to control quality, save time and avoid minimum lot charges. Rated for workloads up to... Read More