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  • Quench Press Remanufacture By DixiTech CNC

    We are quench specialists! DixiTech CNC is an internationally-renowned expert in quenching systems and their applications. Our value-added process includes: Precision quenching and close tolerance capability and faster controlled process; Flexibility in production and stability of operations by... Read More
  • Quench Tanks By L & L Special Furnace Co Inc

    (QTS124) Simple Small Agitated Quench Tank (QT Series) Agitated & Heated Quench Tanks Read More
  • Quench Tanks By Furnace Fixers Inc

    Furnace Fixers manufactures quench tanks for batch processing. Our quench units can be used with light to heavy duty conveyors, transfer conveyors, and cooling conveyors. Most often these types of equipment are provided with ovens, drop bottoms, and furnaces. As with all of the equipment... Read More
  • Quench Tooling By DixiTech CNC

    Precision Tooling is the key to producing quality parts and holding tolerance during the quenching process. Tooling for quench presses comes in two parts: Upper die tooling (including inner ring die, outer ring die, and expander tooling) and table tooling (lower die tooling). When a hot steel... Read More
  • Quenching and Tempering Salts By Heatbath/Park Metallurgical

    Heatbath/Park Metallurgical supplies Group I salts composed of nitates/nitites for use as steel tempering or quenching media. All salts are completely water soluble, easily washed and have similar high heat transfer rates and heat capacity. Group I salts come in powder form with pink dye for... Read More
  • Quenching Technologies By Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd.

    Our fundamental understanding of heat transfer as applied to quenching has allowed CAN-ENG to offer the broadest quenching technologies available. From the world’s largest immersion water and oil quench at 500,000 liters, to the precise high velocity cooling of our Precision Air Quench System... Read More