Products in the Heat Treating Society Online Buyer's Guide

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  • Radiant Coil Furnaces By Wellman Furnaces

    Radiant Coil Furnaces are ideal for the process heating of liquids and gases to high temperatures over a wide range of operating pressures, where the combination temperature and pressure make heating techniques practical. Read More
  • Radiant Tubes By Qual-Fab, Inc.

    QualFab is a world leader in the manufacturing of stainless and high nickel alloy radiant tubes. Our newly purchased tube mill enables QualFab to be especially competitive on certain size tubes and alloys, and to deliver 4.5 and 6.625 inch tubes in unlimited lengths. QualFab has fabricated... Read More
  • Radyne Brazing Systems By Radyne Corporation

    Experience Radyne innovation with our state-of-the-art multi-station, multi-point, induction brazing and soldering systems for high, medium, and low volume production runs. Don't listen when others tell you it can't be done with induction. Radyne has innovated and solved many of the technical... Read More
  • Radyne Pipe Coating Systems By Radyne Corporation

    Renowned across the gas and pipe processing industries, Radyne is globally acknowledged for its ability to provide the highest levels of expertise in pipe coating, heat treatment and preparation solutions. Contact Radyne today about your pipe coating application. Read More

    The RB series is a performance temperature control series condensed into a slim 60mm depth case. Offered at an economical price, a new auto-tuning algorithm calculates optimum PID values to shorten the time to reach set value. After the PID values have been auto-tuned, Fine Tuning (FT) allows... Read More
  • Recuperator Bundles By Qual-Fab, Inc.

    QualFab, Inc. manufactures various styles and configurations of recuperators for use in thermal applications. These units are used to preheat combustion makeup air using the waste heat in exhaust gases. Dependent on size of the subject and applicable heat transfer configuration, substantial... Read More
  • REED Shotcrete Pumps and Gunite Machines By REED Concrete Pumps and Gunite Machines

    With "wet-process shotcrete" a low-slump concrete mix is pumped with a Concrete Pump to the end of the pipeline where a special "shotcrete nozzle" is attached. That shotcrete nozzle introduces compressed air to the concrete. This compressed air typically comes from a 165-185cfm air compressor -... Read More
  • Refractory Ceramic Fiber Blanket By DS Industries

    At DS Industries, we supply ceramic fiber blankets at consistently low prices. In addition to this product, we offer an array of extra services to our customers: Cutting services — Our CNC machinery precisely cuts ceramic fiber and other material to your specifications, saving you time, labor,... Read More
  • Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) By Morgan Advanced Materials

    It can be spun or blown into bulk, air-laid into a blanket, folded into modules, converted into papers, boards, and shapes, die-cut into gaskets, twisted into yarns, woven into rope and cloth, and blended into liquid binders for mastics and cements. With this wide range of products, Morgan... Read More
  • Refractory Metals and Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. has a large inventory of Refractory Metals and Alloys for applications where high melting points, good strength at elevated temperatures, good thermal and electrical conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, and low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures are required (e.g.... Read More
  • Research & Pilot Facilities By Harper International

    Harper offers services and facilities for the scale up of advanced materials thermal processing. Hundreds of companies have used our Technology Research Center for process development and process optimization as they work toward commercial scale-up or with systems requiring unique process... Read More
  • Residual Stress Measurement By Proto Manufacturing

    For over 20 years, Proto Manufacturing has been providing both measurement services and equipment for measuring residual stress in metal components. Proto's leading edge x-ray diffraction (XRD) technology is ussed to determine the quality and health of medial components ensuring that unexpected... Read More
  • Retorts By Qual-Fab, Inc.

    QualFab is a leading producer of all types of retorts for the furnace and heat treat industries for both low and high temperature applications. Because of our extensive experience in these products, QualFab works with OEM’s and direct customers to supply information to the customer so their... Read More
  • Rhenium Sheet By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. supplies Rhenium sheet. Among the highest density element and melting point, Rhenium does not have a ductile to brittle transition temperature and does not form carbides. High resistivity, combined with low vapor pressure, it is an ideal material for filament applications.... Read More
  • Robotic Blast Systems By Guyson Corporation

    A range of standard model and custom-engineered robotic blasting machines for metallurgical shot peening, technical surface preparation and other precision surface treatment requirements. Read More
  • Rod, Bar - Special Purpose Metals and Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    If you need specialty metals or alloys rod or bar, for electronics, magnetic, electrical, or other industrial applications, call Ed Fagan Inc. We stock a variety of rod and bar products in various metals and alloys in a range of sizes and conditions. Let them be your warehouse so you can cut... Read More
  • Roller Hearth Furnace By Pyradia

    Pyradia offers Roller-Heart Furnaces with automated quenching mecanism tailored to your exact requirements. Accuracy and low operating cost are key considerations for this equipment. Read More
  • Roller Hearth Furnaces By Thermo Transfer Inc.

    The roller hearth furnace conveys the work directly on the hearth rollers. Work can also be processed in baskets or on trays which are conveyed on the rollers. Quench systems and cooling systems can also be provided. Furnaces can be designed for use with or without atmosphere. Heating systems... Read More
  • Rotary Tube Furnaces By Harper International

    Harper designs advanced Rotary Tube Furnace solutions for continuous processing of materials such as granular, powder, or particulate aggregates in high purity and specialty atmosphere environments at temperatures from 500 to 2400°C. Harper Rotary kilns offer exceptional versatility,... Read More
  • Rotary vane pumps By Vacuum Research Corporation

    We have added higher pumping speeds to our 2-stage rotary vane pumps, which now range from 3.5 CFM to 64 CFM. Read More
  • Rubber Cure Salts By Heatbath/Park Metallurgical

    Most of Heatbath/Park Metallurgical's rubber cure products are nitrate/nitrite salts. We also offer a nitrite-free alternative for those who are concerned with the possible formation of nitrosamines. With Heatbath/Park Metallurgical rubber cure salts, no reaction with surfaces of extruded or... Read More
  • Rust Preventatives By Heatbath/Park Metallurgical

    Explore Heatbath/Park Metallurgical's complete line of carefully formulated and tested rust preventative post treatments for unsurpassed protection against corrosion. Heatbath/Park Metallurgical offers rust preventative oils, both water displacing and emulsifiable along with waxes, lacquers,... Read More