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  • Ultrafiltration for Parts Washing By Separation Dynamics Inc

    Your customers demand parts that meet high standards of cleanliness. It’s important to control your washing process; however, basic filters and oil skimmers don’t remove enough of the contamination coming in from your parts. You can’t afford to frequently stop production and generate tons of... Read More
  • UltraGlow® Gas Nitriding By Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

    Seeing corrosion earlier than expected on your low-carbon steels? Sounds like you need to investigate AHT's UltraGlow® Gas Nitriding process. UltraGlow® Gas Nitriding is a case-hardening process whereby nitrogen is diffused into the surface of a solid ferrous alloy by holding the metal at a... Read More
  • UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding By Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

    UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding (also known as Pulse Plasma Nitriding) is a case-hardening treatment which uses glow discharge technology to introduce nitrogen ions to the surface of a metal for diffusion into the part. This process is carried out in a vacuum vessel where a high-voltage electrical... Read More
  • UltraGlow® Nitrocarburizing (FNC) By Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

    UltraGlow® Nitrocarburizing (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing or FNC) is a thermochemical treatment which involves the diffusional addition of both nitrogen and carbon to the surface of ferrous materials usually at temperatures not exceeding 1100°F. The primary objective of nitrocarburizing is to... Read More
  • Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces (UHT) By Harper International

    Harper is the world leader for Ultra High Temperature furnace (UHT) systems rated to 3000°C for use in the production of many powdered metals and high modulus carbon fiber, primarily used in applications requiring high rigidity. Harper makes use of innovative design techniques to navigate the... Read More
  • UltraOx® By Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

    Advanced Heat Treat's UltraOx® treatment can further improve the corrosion resistance properties attained by the nitriding cycle. This is a passivation process in which oxygen bonds with ferrous alloys at a low processing temperature. This process also produces an aesthetic, smooth black finish... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Flow Cell FC7K By Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH

    With the FC7K, ultrasonic processes such as homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, particle size reduction, milling, deagglomeration, extraction, cell disruption & lysis, disintegration and sono-chemical & sono-catalytic reactions can be run in continuous flow-through mode in the lab. The... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Industrial Heated Tank And Generator Systems By Ultrasonics Depot

    We carry a large variety of tank and generator systems in many sizes and power as well as a complete line of accessories. A generator, a transducer, and a tank make up an ultrasonic cleaning system. The generator supplies electrical power to the transducer in which the transducer converts to... Read More
  • Universal Testing Machines By ATS - Applied Test Systems Inc.

    Our electromechanical Universal Testing Machines are capable of performing virtually any test on almost any material when coupled with our unmatched line of standard and custom testing accessories. As with all ATS equipment, any of our standard frame designs can be custom-modified by our... Read More
  • Used Furnaces, Ovens & More By Heat Treating Services Unlimited Incorporated

    HTSU's eCommerce Site HEATTREATDEPOT.com has a full inventory of used equipment. Furnaces, Ovens, Accessory Equipment, Spare Parts, Controls and more. Read More