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  • Vacuum Brazing By Solar Atmospheres, Inc.

    Solar Atmospheres can braze single parts as well as thousands in a single batch. Simple and complex parts, ranging in sizes as small as a pinhead and as large 48 feet long, can be vacuum brazed. Since the entire part is heated, extreme differences in the part cross section is not a problem.... Read More
  • Vacuum Carburizing By Solar Atmospheres, Inc.

    Solar Atmospheres specializes in Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing, which is a heat treat process that supplies additional carbon to the surface of the steel. Performed in a vacuum furnace, the vacuum carburizing process is designed to achieve optimum case hardening properties for various alloy... Read More
  • Vacuum Furnace Technology By SECO/WARWICK

    The Vacuum Team offers vacuum heat treating furnaces for a wide variety of processes. We build some of the largest and most technically advanced vacuum furnaces in operation, developing advanced technologies like gas or high pressure quench, vacuum pre-nitriding and low pressure (LPC) vacuum... Read More
  • Vacuum Hardware By Kurt J. Lesker Company

    We manufacture a comprehensive range of flanges and flanged components such as nipples, elbows, tees, crosses, flex bellows, glass-metal seals, quick couplings, viewports, etc. in all standard vacuum flange systems. Read More
  • Vacuum Heat Treat and Brazing Furnaces - Installation and Repair By Alphatek of Texas, Inc

    We respond on site, on time, and on budget with results to meet and exceed your expectations! Just a few of the services we currently offer: •Vacuum Leak Detection and Repair •Instrument Calibration •Temperature Uniformity Surveys (AMS2750) •Control System Upgrades •Preventative Maintenance Read More
  • Vacuum Heat Treating By Metcor Inc

    Vacuum heat treating shows an advantage over conventional processes as one obtains a bright surface free of defects. The vacuum furnaces at metcor are state of the art computer controlled & automated (up to 2 bar). The equipment can accomodate load sizes up to 30"w x 48"d x 30"h. Metcor offers... Read More
  • Vacuum Heat Treating By Solar Atmospheres, Inc.

    Solar Atmospheres is one of the largest commercial vacuum heat treating companies in the United States. Customer specifications can be met with minimal distortion and bright, scale-free results. Solar’s extensive capabilities include over 60 vacuum heat treating furnaces ranging from lab size to... Read More
  • Vacuum Heat Treating By VAC AERO International Inc

    For almost half a century VAC AERO has been providing the very best in metallurgical services and solutions to clients around the world. Our dedication to continuous improvement in the development of new processes and applications continues to guide our efforts in providing the highest level of... Read More
  • Vacuum Nitriding By Solar Atmospheres, Inc.

    Vacuum nitriding services from Solar Atmospheres can significantly increase the fatigue strength and service life of your parts. Benefits include case depths up to 0.025” and improved wear and anti-galling properties due to a 40 – 70% increase in surface hardness. Corrosion resistance is... Read More
  • Vacuum Pumps By Kurt J. Lesker Company

    We proudly distribute the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps available from any single supplier. We have chosen to represent, or been chosen by, many of the finest vacuum pump manufacturers in the world. Since some customers shop by 'brand loyalty' while others choose on price/performance... Read More
  • Vacuum Sintering By Signature Vacuum Systems, Inc.

    Signature vacuum sintering furnaces are designed for processing powdered metal and ceramics, such as tungsten carbide and cermets. Blending wide temperature range, compatibility with various process gasses and automatic process control, a SV-Sinter system provides high performance and... Read More
  • Vacuum Valves By Kurt J. Lesker Company

    Even a casual study of vacuum technology makes it abundantly clear that valves are almost as vital to the industry as pumps. We offer a wide variety of valve types in a comprehensive range of sizes. Read More
  • Vacuum Valves By VAT, Inc.

    VAT is the worldwide leader in vacuum valve technology. VAT vacuum valves range from rough to extreme UHV. Valve products include: Gate, Pendulum, Butterfly, Control and Isolation, Transfer, Angle, Diaphram, Specialty valves for gases. VAT engineers work with customers to design customized... Read More
  • Vertical Conveyor Furnaces By Harper International

    Harper’s patented Vertical furnace systems are our latest thermal processing innovation for a wide range of product feedstocks, particularly for materials requiring high temperature solid-solid and solid-gas reactions, such as carbides, nitrides, borides and refractory metal powders. This new... Read More
  • Vertical Scanner By Pillar Induction

    In a vertical scanner the part is held either in a bottom nest or between vertical spindles with a continuous heat and quench occurring as it is passed through the induction coil. Scanning minimizes the power requirements of the power supply when compared to single shot processing. The part is... Read More
  • Vertical Vacuum Furnaces By VAC AERO International Inc

    The standard VAV Series Vertical, Bottom-loading, Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing Furnace can be customized to suit unique applications such as high pressure gas quenching, high temperature heat treating, ultra-clean processing and more. The furnace is designed to have fast heating rates to... Read More
  • VHX-2000 Digital Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    Pioneering the field of digital microscopy, KEYENCE has released its latest microscope system, the VHX-2000. The VHX Series Digital Microscope was designed to alleviate the shortcomings of traditional, optical light microscopes - shallow depth-of-field, short working distance, lack of... Read More
  • Vickers / Knoop Testers By SUN-TEC Corporation

    Sun-Tec Corporation has an impressive combination of Vickers / Knoop testers. We offer both Macro (CV), and Micro (CM) testers. They are ideal for testing small precision parts, thin materials and wire, coatings or performing case depth deformation. For a total, all inclusive package, that... Read More
  • Videographic Data Logger By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    The PPR-1800 is a high specification graphic recorder capable of plotting up to 18 channels of analog input, 36 channels of digital data or a combination of both. Engineered in a heavy gauge sheet metal, the case is designed to meet the requirements of an industrial environment. The recorder is... Read More
  • VK-X200 3D Laser Scanning Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    The VK-X200 3D Laser Scanning Microscope from KEYENCE Corporation is the latest system being utilized for advanced non-contact 3D surface characterization and roughness measurements. Combining the capabilities of a roughness gauge, scanning electron microscope and optical microscope, the VK-X... Read More
  • VVF Series Bottom Loading Vaccum Furnaces By G-M Enterprises

    The Vertical Vacuum Furnace (VVF Series) is designed for vertical bottom loading applications. Like the horizontal vacuum furnace, the vertical bottom loading vacuum furnaces utilizes a circular design hot zone that provides for taller and larger work loads. With the hot zone having gas cooling... Read More
  • VW-9000 High Speed Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    The VW-9000 integrates a high-speed camera with a digital microscope system, giving users the ability to perform both macro and micro imaging at speeds up to 230,000 frames per second. This system is designed for recording video and images on a production/manufacturing line or in an R&D... Read More