New White Paper from Tekscan Explores How Force Sensing Technology Improves Medical Devices

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Headline: New White Paper from Tekscan Explores How Force Sensing Technology Improves Medical Devices

(Boston, MA. May 20 , 2013)

Imagine if a doctor or patient was able to communicate directly with the medical device they are using? Today, medical tools can provide 24-hour real-time feedback to its user through simple technology and electronics. The integration of force sensors into medical devices results in smart devices that produce quantifiable data, which allows doctors to make better data-driven adjustments and diagnoses.

"Improving Medical Devices with Force Sensing Technology," a newly published white paper from the force sensor experts at Tekscan, Inc, demonstrates the benefits of designing thin, flexible force sensors into medical device designs. The data produced by these sensors helps doctors and surgeons: eliminate guesswork, create consistency, and improve patient outcomes. The integration of a force sensing resistors (FSR) into a medical device provides sensory feedback and creates a clear channel of communication between the medical device and its user. This new white paper explores a variety of medical device applications, including surgical grippers, medical training devices, and monitoring systems, that highlight force-sensing technology. These new technologies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system by helping provide doctors and physicians with clear, consistent data.

Thin, tactile sensors, such as FlexiForce sensors, are a durable, dependable, and cost-effective solution to design engineers and healthcare providers that help create devices with intelligence that are both easy and practical to manufacture. Tekscan, Inc., leading manufacturer of force and pressure measurement technology, provides a solution and demonstrates a commitment to helping product designers and OEMs overcome the challenges faced when selecting the proper materials for a design.

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Tekscan is a leading manufacturer of thin-film force sensors and complete tactile force and pressure measurement systems. Accurate, simple to use, and cost-effective, Tekscan's sensors have been integrated into a variety of successful OEM products.   Products range from simple force sensors and force sensing systems to highly complex pressure measurement systems with over 100,000 sensing points.  

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