White Papers for Industrial Heat Treating

  • Heat Reclaim Economics

    How utilizing Heat Reclaim technology can save you money and reduce your Carbon Footprint.
  • Gassing Up To Get The Right Atmosphere

    This paper focuses on the important parameters of the furnace and its atmosphere that affect the integrity of the sintering process, and gives guidance on how to approach and solve the problems they may cause.
  • How to Assess Pumping Needs & Performance

    Estimate Flow in Your System Check your pump discharge pressure and find your operating point on the manufacturer's pump curve. A given impeller diameter will operate along a curve developing more pressure at lower flow rates and less pressure at higher flow rates. The more flow the pump...
  • An Alternative Solution for SCR-Controlled Transformer-Coupled Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

    SCR power controllers operating on the transformer primary often control electric heating applications employing transformer-coupled Silicon Carbide (SiC) heating elements. Traditionally, designers must choose between two modes of operation: phase angle or zero voltage firing. But neither...