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  • Fired Refractory Shapes

    The Morgan Thermal Ceramics family of Fired Refractory Shapes has been produced both in the United Kingdom and the USA for over 60 years, and is used in an extensive range of critical, heat intensive applications. Using traditional and state of the art manufacturing techniques, Fired Shapes can... Read More
  • FireMaster

    Under the brand of FireMaster® Morgan Thermal Ceramics can provide you with high performance fire protection products for your industrial and commercial applications. Offering exception thermal and acoustical fire protection, FireMaster® products are a modern solution to an age old problem.... Read More
  • Furnaces & Fire Assayware

    Morgan Thermal Ceramics' Furnace Industries manufactures crucibles, cupels and furnaces for use in the fire assay process for gold determination as well as calcining ovens and carbon regeneration kilns for use in the gold ore processing circuit. Our crucibles and cupels are manufactured for use... Read More
  • Heat Shields

    By employing a range of materials Morgan Thermal Ceramics can provide heat shields and microporous insulation in a wide variety of demanding environments across disparate industries and sectors. Morgan Thermal Ceramics heat shields and microporous insulation are used frequently within mobile... Read More
  • Insulating Fire Bricks (IFB)

    IFB holds a unique position within our portfolio of high temperature insulation products, in that it offers a unique combination of insulating properties with load bearing ability. IFBs are particularly suited to applications above 1000°C, where their thermal conductivity is as low as fibre... Read More
  • Microporous Insulation

    Manufacturing microporous insulation products under 2 brands, BTU-BLOCK™ and Min-K®, Morgan Thermal Ceramics can deliver high performance thermal management solutions for your specific application. Using innovative thermal management technology we can provide a range of solutions for... Read More
  • Monolithics

    The Morgan Thermal Ceramics family of monolithic products provides a wide range of innovative solutions for heat-intensive challenges. Available in different formulations, densities, and installation methods - depending on need – our monolithics can be used as primary or secondary insulation,... Read More
  • Mortar Cement Mastics

    Morgan Thermal Ceramics extensive range of mastics insulation complements our full line of fibre and dense refractory products. Our range includes pumpables (with pumps), mouldables, air-setting cements and coatings. Our pumpable materials are designed for pumping into voids caused by... Read More
  • Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF)

    It can be spun or blown into bulk, air-laid into a blanket, folded into modules, converted into papers, boards, and shapes, die-cut into gaskets, twisted into yarns, woven into rope and cloth, and blended into liquid binders for mastics and cements. With this wide range of products, Morgan... Read More
  • Silicon Carbide

    Morgan Thermal Ceramics offers a range of Silicon Carbide products which are produced by our facility in South Africa. The base of all silicon carbide (SiC) refractories is refractory grade alpha silicon carbide, produced in large electrical resistance furnaces at approximately 2400°C from a... Read More
  • Structural Insulation

    Combing versatility, value and thermal efficiency, structural insulation products from Morgan Thermal Ceramics are a high performance solution for challenging environments and demanding applications. Morgan Thermal Ceramics structural insulation products offer excellent strength, temperature... Read More
  • Superwool® Fibre

    Superwool® Fibre meets the requirements requested under NOTA Q. All Superwool® Fibre products are exonerated from classification and labelling regulation in Europe. The Morgan Thermal Ceramics Superwool® Fibre family of products offers a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions... Read More

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