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White Papers by Harper International

  • Challenges and Risk Mitigation for High Temperature Ceramics Processing

    This technical presentation discusses the design of high temperature thermal processes from batch to continuous scale in ceramics production, focused on reduced operating costs and increased productivity. Topics include managing risk and common stumbling blocks, material flowability, bed depth,...
  • Carbon Fiber Manufacturing – Designing Research Systems for Scale Up

    Success in commercial production begins with thoughtful decisions made during the design of the research and piloting scale carbon fiber process systems. This methodology helps ensure research program goals are considered along with the need to output relevant data and minimize the number of...
  • High Temperature Powder Processing - Advancements in Rotary Furnace Designs

    Rotary furnaces are the go-to technology for high temperature processing of powdered materials. They inherently offer significant advantages of throughput and energy efficiency over other forms of continuous, high temperature equipment. Some materials are well served by simple tube designs. In...
  • Rotary Tube Internals to Achieve Operational Improvements

    Thermal process of powders (including calcination, sintering, carburization, etc.) is dominantly performed, due to its inherent characteristics, in rotary tube furnace. Rotary furnaces are known to be the preferred processing unit for flowable powdered or granular materials. The rotary tube...
  • Enabling Low Cost Carbon Fiber Composites

    This presentation discusses how to respond to challenges with technology innovations within the Carbon Fiber market, as demand from aerospace and automotive end uses necessitate cost consideration.
  • Using Advanced Rotary Tube Internals to Achieve Operational Improvements

    Learn more about what experts say you can do to increase heat transfer surface area, improve radial mixing, improve gas-solid interactions, control gas flow direction, and even control material dwell time or velocity through the tube for Rotary Furnace material processing.
  • Think Process Before Scaling Up

    Learn about how thoughtful considering of thermal processing at early R&D stages of material development can enable a more successful commercialization.
  • Advancements in Carbon Fiber Processing for Research & Development

    Harper discusses results of developmental endeavors in regards to a new product line available for institutional or university-based research, enabling non-industrial organizations to perform reserach in carbon fiber conversion on a continuous operating basis and providing linear paths to scale up.
  • Carbon Fiber Line Capacity – Historical & Future Perspective

    Harper presents results of a cost modeling effort to evaluate potential paths for scale up for the next generation carbon fiber production lines. In additon to evaluating the future of the industry, Harper presents evaluations of current state of the art production lines at 1.75 and 3M wide...
  • Advanced Reactor for the Fine Control of Properties of Molybdenum Powder

    Extensive investigation in the two-stage hydrogen reduction process for fine molybdenum powder synthesis has been conducted. Reaction thermodynamic, kinetics, grain morphology transformation mechanism, grain morphology and grain size control have been studied in detail.