Aichelin Group Supplies High Temperature Furnace to China

Press Release from Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems

The second major project under contract from voestalpine in six months.

Mödling – The Aichelin Group, Europe´s technological leader in the thermo-chemical heat treatment of metal components, has received the order to supply a turnkey high temperature furnace to China from voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Shenyang Co. Ltd. It is already the second plant to be built since the 2013 licence agreement with the thermal process technology firm BSN, based in Simmerath (Germany).

Aichelin has already been able to prove the merits of the patented step-chain conveyor technology for the special press-hardening of metal components in early 2014. Now – instead of a twin-arranged plant that was last built – a single-arranged, yet much longer furnace with a simplified control and safety system is to be provided to China. As is the case with the twin-arranged furnace, NOXMAT burners with ceramic jet tubes will also be installed here.

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