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Products by Zircar Refractory Composites, Inc.

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  • RSLE-57 Reinforced Silica Matrix Composite

    ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RSLE-57 is a low expansion high strength reinforced silica matrix composite . This remarkable material was designed for use as a high strength insulator in induction hot press applications. RSLE-57’s very low thermal expansion coefficient and high hot strength... Read More
  • RS-100, Reinforced Structural Alumina Composite

    ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RS-100 is a ceramic fiber reinforced structural alumina composite material with useful properties to 1260°C (2300°F). It has exceptional flexural and compressive strengths in the range of high temperature reinforced plastics such as G-7 and G-10 laminates and retains... Read More
  • RS-101, Ceramic Fiber Reinforced Structural Alumina

    ZRCI Refractory Sheet Type RS-101 is a ceramic fiber reinforced structural alumina product with useful properties to 2300°F (1260°C). It retains strength and utility to levels far exceeding maximum use temperatures of reinforced plastics and asbestos-cement replacements. Type RS-101 not only... Read More
  • RSBL-SOL, Silica Insulating Blanket

    ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. insulating blankets are non woven, inorganic, fiber-based products that contain no asbestos. They are engineered for use as thermal barrier materials in high temperature applications up to 1400°C (2550°F). Commonly used in the molten metal casting and heat... Read More
  • RSLE-56 Moldable

    ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RSLE-56 Moldable is a high silica fiber reinforced ceramic composite material that is easily cut and formed into flat sheets in addition to a wide variety of simple and complex shapes. When dried RSLE-56 Moldable becomes a hard rigid structure. Further heat treatment... Read More
  • RS-99 Refractory Sheet

    ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RS-99 is a high density fiber based ceramic material with greater than 99% alumina purity. Type RS-99 has strength equal to asbestos cement and therefore is an excellent replacement for asbestos cement materials. Refractory Sheet Type RS-99 is usable to temperatures... Read More
  • RS-1200 Refractory Boards

    ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RS-1200 is a high strength composite designed for use as thermo-mechanical and electrical insulation in applications with temperatures as high as 1300°C(2372°F). RS-1200 is a combination of strong reinforcing fibers tightly bound in an alumina ceramic matrix. RS-1200... Read More
  • RS-201 and RS-202 Cylinders

    ZRCI Refractory Sheet Type RS-201 and RS-202 are fiber reinforced ceramic laminate with useful properties to 1260°C (2300°F). These high temperature products offer high strength, moderate thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation. They retain their strength and utility to levels... Read More
  • RS-ZFELT, Zirconia Felt

    ZRCI Zirconia Felt Type RS-ZFELT is a mechanically interlocked textile structure composed of 4-6 micron diameter yttria-stabilized zirconia fibers. It is designed for uses in extremely corrosive environments and high temperatures. The felt is 100% fibers and contains no binders. It undergoes... Read More

    ZRCI Refractory Sheet Types RS-Cloth and RS-Tape are fiber reinforced alumina composites in a highly flexible form. They are received dried, when wet with water or AL-HARD Hardener they become extremely flexible. They can be wrapped into many simple or complex shapes and will stick to... Read More
  • ZIRCEM Refractory Cement Boards

    Type ZIRCEM Refractory Sheet Cement Boards are a self supporting, high strength, rigid refractory product fabricated from calcium silicate, inert fillers and reinforcing agents. Its high structural strength combined with high thermal insulating value make it ideal for many electrical,... Read More
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