Fusion Inc.

4658 E 355th Street
Willoughby, OH 44094

About Fusion Inc.

Fusion Paste Brazing & Soldering Alloys contain finely atomized filler metal, a fluxing agent, and a paste-like binder. Each of these components has a unique function to perform when blended into a Fusion Paste Alloy. All pastes are designed to be automatically dispensed to control costs and yield superior part joint quality.

The technology behind Fusion automatic brazing and soldering machines is substantial, the approach is a simple one. In most cases, one operator loads and unloads the parts. The application of filler metal and flux, along with heating and cooling is handled by the machine. Joint quality is virtually guaranteed, due to the elimination of human error. Material costs are controlled, since filler metal and flux are applied automatically—in just the right amount. Labor costs become almost insignificant, as one operator turns out hundreds of brazed or soldered assemblies each hour.

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