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About Midwest Tungsten Service

MTS has been providing some of the the highest quality refractory metal (W, Mo, Ta) products since 1958. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and an ITAR-registered manufacturer.

MTS offers custom machining of these metals to specification. Typical parts include: die casting and extrusion tooling, aircraft and auto ballast, golf club weights, crankshaft weights, aircraft bucking bars, X-ray shields, nuclear medical components, ion apertures, glass melting electrodes, vacuum furnace elements, vacuum furnace shields and hardware. Browse our site for detailed information or view our line card.

Choose shelf stock or have items made to order. Large inventory and short manufacturing lead times guarantee prompt delivery.

Raw materials for sale include pure tungsten and tungsten heavy metal alloys, copper tungsten alloys, molybdenum, and tantalum. Raw material forms include rod, wire, sheet, plate, bar, nuts, and threaded rod.

We are the premier manufacturer of resistance heated evaporation sources and materials for vacuum evaporation (vacuum metallizing). Sources include evaporation filaments and boats, ion beam and electron beam filaments. We also manufacture electron beam gun parts such as anode assemblies, buss bars, cathode blocks, crucible liners, and beam formers. Evaporation materials include aluminum, chrome, copper, nickel, nichrome, tin, silver, and gold. We invite you to browse our product offerings and the large amount of technical information contained on our site, or contact us for specific information.

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Products by Midwest Tungsten Service

By Midwest Tungsten Service

Midwest Tungsten Service specializes in high quality heavy metal tungsten alloys. We stock alloy as rod, bar, plate and sheet. Midwest Tungsten Service will custom machine alloy parts to your specifications. Read more »

By Midwest Tungsten Service

Single or multiple strand tungsten, molybdenum, or tantalum wire. Stranded wire can incorporate a core of aluminum for wetting purposes. Nichrome, silver, or other cores are available by request. Basic filament schematics are available for reference. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get... Read more »

By Midwest Tungsten Service

Our refractory metal boats are ideally suited to the evaporation of powdered or granulated materials. Our current boat catalog is available online . It is updated regularly. These styles can be customized to suit, or boats can be manufactured to your specifications. Boats can be made from... Read more »

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