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4600 W. 160th Street
Cleveland, OH 44135
  • AMECO USA has a solid reputation as a supplier of parts and equipment to the Heat Treating Industry. Our ability to work with specialty alloys allows us to provide you with the exact parts needed to keep your heat-treating operations running smoothly and efficiently.

    Heat Treating Fixtures
    ◾Heat Treating Baskets
    ◾Weldless Heat Treating Baskets
    ◾Heat Treating Trays

    High Temperature and High Corrosion Applications
    ◾Annealing Covers
    ◾Salt Pots
    ◾Melting Pots
    ◾Slag Pots
    ◾Mixing Pots
    ◾Galvanizing and Tinning Pots
    ◾Process Kettles
    ◾Mixing Kettles
    ◾Melting Kettles
    ◾Pickling Hooks
    ◾Corrugated Steel Containers

    Furnace Components
    ◾Annealing Retorts
    ◾Carbonizing Retorts
    ◾Furnace Retorts
    ◾Heat Exchangers
    ◾Radiant Tubes
    ◾Tube Supports
    ◾Roller Rails
    ◾Collector Ducts
    ◾Furnace Rollers
    ◾Chain Guides
    ◾Generator Tubes
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