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Ipsen International Inc.

Ipsen, Inc. designs and manufactures thermal processing systems including vacuum heat treating equipment, atmosphere furnaces and advanced thermal process control systems. With manufacturing operations worldwide, the most sophisticated research and development facilities in the industry, and... Read More

Products by HeBei Geluorui Filter Tech Co.,Ltd

By HeBei Geluorui Filter Tech Co.,Ltd

Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Element Pleated Filter Elementalso named sintered Pleated Filter Element is made from five layers sintered wire cloth mesh , which include protective layer, control layer dispersion layer and two reinforcing mesh. The multi-layers sintered wire mesh are... Read more »

By HeBei Geluorui Filter Tech Co.,Ltd

Pressure Gauge Filter Screen This Pressure Gauge Filter Screen is parts or compnend of in-ground pools filtration systems . For update and replacement Filter screen on time during in to existing equipment of swimming . So can keeeping the water clarity and purity is crucial to your family’s... Read more »