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Ceramic Foam (7 companies found)

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  • Schunk Carbon Technology, LLC

    Schunk Carbon Technology focuses on development, manufacture and application of carbon and ceramic solutions. Our premium carbon solutions are used in nearly every thermal application: heat treatment, medical and analysis technology, the glass industry and solar technology. Schunk Carbon...
  • Unifrax I LLC

  • Abbott Furnace Company

    Abbott Furnace Company specializes in continuous furnace technology for sintering, steam treating, heat treating, annealing, tempering and brazing. Technical innovations include Ceramic Muffles and Belts, Advanced VariCool System, Quality Delube Process and Computerized Controls. Abbott also...
  • Morgan Advanced Materials

    Mortar Cement Mastics: Morgan Thermal Ceramics extensive range of mastics insulation complements our full line of fibre and dense refractory products. Our range includes pumpables (with pumps), mouldables, air-setting cements and coatings. Our pumpable materials are designed for pumping into voids caused by...
  • Micropyretics Heaters International, Inc.

    MHI is your Brand for standard and novel custom thermal products and an innovative manufacturer of advanced materials and unique energy efficient solutions. Improve operational efficiencies with MHI convective and radiative energy transfer products.
  • McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies

  • Keith Company Inc