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About Nitrex

A Nitrex turnkey nitriding/nitrocarburizing system is much more than a standard furnace with controls. It’s a comprehensive solution that starts with a client and application assessment, equipment proposal and design, manufacturing, process testing and recipe proofing, continuing to logistics, onsite installation, training and commissioning to plant integration, and after-sales value-added services.

This turnkey approach means an integrated nitriding system that delivers superior quality and reliability year after year while optimizing the performance and cost efficiency of the application.

Nitrex nitriding solutions minimize emissions and energy usage and limit harmful waste products.

Products by Nitrex

By Nitrex

A² PROBE All the best features you’ve come to expect from the AccuCarb® and AtmoProbe™ are now combined into one new product series, the A²™. This solid zirconia electrolyte probe is the result of extensive research and developmental testing, and with its many patented innovations, the A²™ represents a... Read more »

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By Nitrex

AtmoSense™ - SINGLE GAS ATMOSPHERE ANALYZER The AtmoSense™ measures process gases in real time in a wide variety of atmosphere control applications. The AtmoSense™ is available with a range of sensors and options to provide accurate measurement of either dew point, relative humidity (%RH), methane (CH4), propane (C3H8), hydrogen (H2),... Read more »

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By Nitrex

Flo-Meter™ The UPC-Marathon Flo-Meter™ is a rugged and cost-efficient flow meter for gases and liquids. Its machined aluminum structure ensures reliable performance and long service life. The patented float rod assembly is the meter’s only moving part. Each Flo-Meter is calibrated to VDE/VDI 3513 of... Read more »

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