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Manufacturer of Heat Processing Equipment

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About Thermo Transfer Inc.

Thermo Transfer Inc. is a manufacturer of heat processing equipment with the capability of providing complete design, manufacturing and installation of new equipment.

With Capability of Providing Complete Design, Manufacturing and Installation of New Equipment We also provide repairs and modifications to your existing heat processing equipment. Thermo Transfer, Inc. can provide replacement parts for the equipment it builds, and for other manufacturers furnace and generator equipment. We can supply furnace alloy rolls and belts, refractories, heating elements, burners, control components as well as most mechanical components.

Please contact us for more information and let us show you why at Thermo Transfer, Inc., your satisfaction is our most valued asset.

Products by Thermo Transfer Inc.

By Thermo Transfer Inc.

Exothermic Gas Generators

Thermo Transfer manufactures a complete line of endothermic, exothermic, nitrogen (molecular sieve) and dissociated ammonia gas generators. The endothermic gas generators can be gas or electric heated. The exothermic gas generator can be supplied with a boiler to produce steam as well as... Read more »

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By Thermo Transfer Inc.

Mesh Belt Furnaces

Continuous mesh-belt furnaces are used for hardening, annealing, tempering, and as ovens. Parts are set directly on the belt and generally require no trays or fixtures. Quench systems and cooling chambers can also be provided. Furnaces can be designed for use with or without... Read more »

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Roller Hearth Furnaces

The roller hearth furnace conveys the work directly on the hearth rollers. Work can also be processed in baskets or on trays which are conveyed on the rollers. Quench systems and cooling systems can also be provided. Furnaces can be designed for use with or without atmosphere. Heating systems... Read more »

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