Products by ECM-USA, Inc.
  • ICBP® FLEX Multi Chamber Furnaces

    ICBP® Flex is the most innovative and popular solution of ECM's Low Pressure Carburizing furnaces range. The modular and compact design of the ICBP® Flex meets the highest demands in terms of productivity and part quality. The ICBP Flex can receive oil quenching cells (hot or cold), simple gas... Read More
  • Research & Development

    ECM Technologies'™ R&D department is a wide open structure which establishes partnerships with clients in order to qualify and validate the benefits of our solutions in their environment. Our R&D department is composed of teams of product and process experts who have several test facilities... Read More
  • JUMBO ICBP® Multi Chamber Furnaces

    ICBP® JUMBO is the latest ECM solution design for the low pressure carburizing furnace range. It maintains all the compact and modular qualities of the ICBP® Flex design goes further in terms of volume and number of parts treated in a low pressure carburizing installation. The major points of... Read More
Clients of ECM-USA, Inc.
    • Bodycote Hit
    • Bodycote NA
    • Brocard (Switzerland)
    • DHT (Korea)
    • Electrothermique
    • HEF
    • MTV (USA)
    • Nitrex
    • Parker (Japan)
    • Studer (Germany)
    • Specialty Heat Treating
    • Thermicentre
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