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About ECM USA, Inc.

ECM USA provides high quality vacuum furnaces, spare-parts, service, and R&D testing for customers in North, Central and South America for the ECM Group. With experienced engineering, advanced manufacturing and installation expertise, ECM vacuum furnaces provide high up-time to demanding production environments all over the world. We have also recently diversified our product lines to include semiconductors, 3D Additive, melting, robotics, and expanded services to include 24/7 phone support!

• Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing
• Low Pressure Carbonitriding
• Sintering
• Post Additive Manufacturing
• Neutral Hardening
• Brazing
• Oil & Gas Quenching
• Vacuum Induction Melting
• Heat Treat Robotics
• Aftersales & Retrofits

ECM Group’s expertise is available globally for every customer to ensure they get the best from their systems. Visit our R&D Synergy Center to develop your gears or shafts and maximize your heat treat processes!

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Metcor Inc

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Products by ECM USA, Inc.

By ECM USA, Inc.

ICBP® Nano is the latest product in the range of Low Pressure Carburizing and carbonitriding furnaces, which uses technologies already proven on over 200 installations and 1000 ICBP® heating cells through out the world. The ICBP® Nano composes one module with 3 stacked up heating cells (which... Read more »

By ECM USA, Inc.

ICBP® Duo TH Oil Quenching and ICBP® Duo TG Gas Quenching comprises 2 independent chambers separated by a vacuum-tight door. Both solutions are compatible with AMS 2750 E and suitable for the treatment of aeronautics parts. The quenching cell can be oil (hot or cold) or gas (maximum pressure of... Read more »

By ECM USA, Inc.

Our Flex is the most innovative and popular solution of ECM’s Low Pressure Carburizing furnace range. The modular and compact design of the ICBP® Flex meets the highest demands in terms of productivity and part quality. The ICBP® Flex can receive oil quenching cells (hot or cold), simple gas or... Read more »

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