QualFab, Inc.

34250 Mills Rd.
Avon, OH 44011

About QualFab, Inc.

Qual-Fab, Inc. provides superior quality, high-nickel alloy and stainless fabrications for demanding high temperature and corrosive applications. Our skilled workforce brings a wealth of experience in diverse industries including: Process, Heat Treat, Powdered Metals, Steel/Metals, and Wire & Fastener.

QualFab, Inc. has manufactured many different stainless and high nickel alloy components for the Heat Treat Industry. We produce radiant tubes of all sizes and styles, from 3” diameter and up, for both OEM and replacement applications. We also produce muffles, retorts, specialty baskets, corrugated boxes, serpentine trays, ductwork, recuperators and many other products for the heat treat industry.

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Products by QualFab, Inc.

By QualFab, Inc.

QualFab produces all styles and designs of annealing furnace muffles & oxidation chambers that are used in a wide variety of industries including the carbon fiber, powdered metals, glass, ceramics, and automotive industries. We manufacture muffles over 10 feet wide and 60 feet long, and in both... Read more »

By QualFab, Inc.

QualFab is a world leader in the manufacturing of stainless and high nickel alloy radiant tubes. Our newly purchased tube mill enables QualFab to be especially competitive on certain size tubes and alloys, and to deliver 4.5 and 6.625 inch tubes in unlimited lengths. QualFab has fabricated... Read more »

By QualFab, Inc.

QualFab manufactures a wide range of fixtures for a variety of industries. For vacuum furnaces and straight and in-line furnaces, we produce a broad range of baskets, trays, clips, and fasteners in a wide range of alloys, including high nickel alloys, carbon fiber, and molybdenum. We also... Read more »

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