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  • Induction Heaters

    Our Induction Heaters Feature: * Automatic load impedance matching as the workpiece properties change. * Easy remote operation, programming, and management of up to two independent heat stations. * Internal memory and removable SD card capable of storing up to 100 User work programs. * The... Read More
  • Induction Coils And Your Induction Application

    At Inductronix, we know the right induction coil is vital to your induction heating application. We can build coils to your specifications or our Applications Engineers can work with you to determine the best coil design for your application. Read More
  • Induction Brazing Of Aluminum

    The key advantages of using induction heating over flame torches: * No open flames, no more need for using Oxy Acetylene Torches. Induction provides clean flameless brazing. * Localized heating: Precise “useful” heat can be focused only to the required joints to be brazed. * Consistency &... Read More

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  • Cost Effective, Highly Reliable & Efficient Automation Solutions for Existing or New Heating Systems By

    “How can I increase my production, be cost-effective, keep my existing employees, and still be competitive?” Read more

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