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Induction Coils (25 companies found)

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  • Inductronix

    For All Your Induction Heating Requirements
    Induction Coils And Your Induction Application: At Inductronix, we know the right induction coil is vital to your induction heating application. We can build coils to your specifications or our Applications Engineers can work with you to determine the best coil design for your application.
  • eldec LLC

    Induction Power Supplies, Coil and Expertise
    Induction Coils by eldec: Custom manufactured inductors for brazing, die hardening, annealing and shrink fitting applications For more than 20 years, eldec LLC has custom manufactured induction heating coils in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Our technicians have a thorough understanding of induction heating applications,...
  • Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

    World Class heating and melting equipment for various applications.
    Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation®, designs and manufactures world class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. In addition we provide a range of services including laboratory process...
  • Zircar Refractory Composites, Inc.

    High Temperature Refractory Composites
    RS-201 and RS-202 Cylinders: ZRCI Refractory Sheet Type RS-201 and RS-202 are fiber reinforced ceramic laminate with useful properties to 1260°C (2300°F). These high temperature products offer high strength, moderate thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation. They retain their strength and utility to levels...
  • Pillar Induction

    Induction Coils: Pillar utilizes many innovative coil designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve proper heating of your product. Trust your application to our experts who will provide the most efficient and productive solutions. Coils are designed by our team of engineers and are manufactured in-house, to...
  • KVA Induction

    KVA Induction Company is a full service supplier offering customers unparalleled experience, capability and value. Your critical manufacturing process is in capable hands. Our engineering philosophy is based on simplicity, durability and longevity. Let our experienced staff help navigate your...
  • Heating Induction Services, Inc.

    Heating Induction Services, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Ernie Taylor. Since this time, we have developed a full line of induction power supplies ranging in size from 1kW up to 2MW and operating frequencies of 60Hz up to 100kHz. We design and manufacture turnkey material handling systems using...
  • Capital Induction Inc

    As a leading manufacturer of induction related products, we specialize in the design, build and repair of induction coils and tooling. Other products that we offer are quick change tooling, forge coils, and transformer builds and repairs. We can work with any OEM's equipment, regardless of the...
  • Power Parts International

    Rating: 5 - 1 review
    Induction Coils: Power Parts designs coils for each customer’s specific needs in order to meet their application demands and requirements. We strive to be a leader in induction coil technology and help you reach maximum production potential. Our engineers can also redesign coils, saving you time and money....
  • Alpha 1 Induction Service Center