Temperature Measurement In Induction Heating

Press Release from Inductronix

Press Release: Induction Heating Using Pyrometer To Control Temperature 

By: Ray Ariss
Inductronix - Induction Technology Solutions Inc. 


A few of my customers have asked me to prepare videos of how our Pyrometers work with our Induction Heating Generators. A pyrometer is a non-contact, accurate and affordable way of measuring a workpiece's temperature during the Induction Heating Process.

  This video shows how it works:

  1. Set a target temperature on our Generator's Master

Controller. The Controller is used to set the Output heating

Power, Heating Time, and required Temperature.

  The Controller also does all of your datalogging;

storing all of your Power, Time, and Temperature data by

Work Order! This is a very useful feature for collecting and

recalling all of your Production Heating Recipes on the fly!


2. Aim the Pyrometer at the Workpiece to measure its  temperature.

  The pyrometer has a built-in aiming light so that you can

actually see where the pyrometer is "seeing" the target.

  3. Turn the Master Controller On to apply Power to heat the  Workpiece.

4. Once the Master Controller detects that the Workpiece  has reached target temperature, it will turn off the  Induction Heater.


You can also set the Master Controller to heat the part to its target temperature and then continue to heat the part at that  temperature for as long as you wish.

For more information, please visit our website: www.inductronix.com, and or call us at: 800-956-3941.\https://inductronix.com/pyrometers/



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